Have you considered a telephone answering service for your medical practice? P.A.G.E. provides a number of solutions for a number of purposes. 

  • Are you having problems answering all of your phone calls?
  • Do you have a backlog of voicemails on a regular basis?
  • Is your office staff getting pulled away from current patients to answer phone calls?
  • Is your office experiencing a high-volume of calls resulting in incessant ringing?
  • Have you had to hire additional office staff to deal with reception and incoming calls?
Physicians Answering Group Exchange provides solutions for all of your medical practice needs.


While we answer your patient calls, schedule appointments, and filter the most urgent calls, you can spend more time with your patients, giving them the care and attention they need. Our team will provide your patients with a professional and personalized experience.


With P.A.G.E, your hospital will be more efficient and streamlined as ever.  We provide consult dispatch, one-number physician locator services, a secure web messaging platform for nurses to reach physicians, and a secure messaging application to ensure all communications are HIPAA compliant. During after-hours or peak business hours, Physicians Answering Group Exchange has you covered.

Home Health & Hospice

It’s not just large hospitals and physician groups we serve; we are here for home health and hospice care services too. If your patient requires special treatment from the comfort of their home, we can help you make the arrangements. We help remove the burden of constant phone calls and communication so you can focus on your patients and spend less time on the phone.

Other Healthcare-related Concerns

Our services are also available to companies that provide medical services, such as: mobile laboratory services, mobile x-ray and diagnostic services, community PACE programs, and more. Call us or e-mail us today for more information on how P.A.G.E. can help your organization.